Digiant Group is a management and technology consulting firm that provides digital transformation and custom product development services to its customers.

Ambitious companies reach us when they need an experienced team of consultants that can transform interesting business ideas into powerful technology solutions.

As management consultants, we help our clients set the right goals; and as technology consultants, we show them how to reach those goals. We love rolling up our sleeves and working alongside our clients to create and implement successful business solutions.

We focus on delivering true and measurable business value to our clients. We have a strong passion for customer satisfaction and are dedicated to delivering dependable and reliable technology solutions that exceed expectations. As a people focused consulting firm, we strongly believe in the power of real-world connections and networks.

We innovate systematically, continuously and successfully.

Let’s get together and discuss your next big idea!



Selected Posts From Insights

Insights is our company blog where we share our news, experiences, and best practices.

Digiant Group joins Stripe Partner Program
Posted on January 9, 2021

We are thrilled to join Stripe’s partner program and believe that our customers will benefit from the combination of our technology consulting experience with Stripe’s payments platform.
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What is CFO’s role within Digital Transformation?
Posted on September 5, 2020

For any type of digital transformation efforts to be successful, there is a need to have alignment of the full management team on the definition of what is digital and what should go digital.
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We recently became a Typeform partner
Posted on July 19, 2020

We believe the most important online interaction for a business is the exchange of information, and Typeform has been helping us to craft great conversational experiences for our customers.
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It’s transformation, not automation!
Posted on January 27, 2020

In today’s business ecosystem, customers have higher expectations and more choices. It has never been more critical to design great experiences for the success of your initiatives and projects.
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Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination!
Posted on April 8, 2019

Digital transformation projects are generally tough because business stakeholders expect these initiatives to dive directly into the operations and start making significant improvements.
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Digiant Group is now a Twilio Consulting Partner
Posted on February 25, 2019

We are glad to announce that we have been recently recognized by Twilio as one of their Consulting Partners to design and build cloud based programmable communication solutions.
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Digiant Group becomes a Google Cloud Partner
Posted on September 3, 2018

After successfully completing all the requirements (certifications, due diligence, and service agreements), our application to become a Google Cloud Partner has been approved last week.
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We are now a Shopify Partner
Posted on June 4, 2018

We are excited to announce that Digiant Group has recently become a Shopify partner, which means we can now offer Shopify to our clients in addition to our existing custom product and solution development services.
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Where our name comes from
Posted on September 3, 2017

When it came to naming our company last year, we knew that it should convey the expertise, value and uniqueness of the services we provide. The first thing a customer interacts with is a name, so we believe it is like a first handshake.
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What’s in our tool belt?

We use the solutions and products (both cloud and on-premise) from the following companies when we transform our clients’ ideas into realities.



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