Transformation, not automation!

Digiant Group

In today’s business ecosystem, customers have higher expectations and more choices. It has never been more critical to design great experiences for the success of your initiatives and projects. Outstanding user experiences along with the right integration of workflows and technologies can become the new “normal” quickly and easily.

As a digitial transformation consultancy, it would be easier for us to take a slow or an inadequate process at our customers, break down it into logical pieces, automate each of them, and then rebuild the entire process. Even though this approach would cost less and seem to bring improvements at some level, it doesn’t necessarily mean a transformation.

Our transformation projects have been successful when we and our customers start to think outside an existing process to create seamless experiences from scratch for their own users or employees. There have been many case studies we encountered this during the last two years. We implemented Atlassian Jira at one of our customers within the FMCG space to redesign their IT support workflow from scratch; and due to its high level of acceptance by the employees, within six months they started to use different variations of that platform for their equipment maintenance and new product onboardings.

In another case study, we crafted an internal web application for a customer so that its employees started to be able to report work related mileages which used to be managed and maintained by emailing spreadsheets before. In this specific case, we redefined how the data should be collected and implemented with a brand new way, instead of automating the spreadsheets and emails. We, then, extended the same internal application to report reimbursements and currently working on to report trip expenses.

Great digital transformation projects shouldn’t just lead to happy customers, they also need to bring new ways of running their businesses. If you have not outlined your digital transformation strategy yet, we are here to be a part of your vision!