Where our name comes from

Digiant Group

We have been asked a few times in the past about where our business name comes from and what it really means.

Well, how is an entrepreneur supposed to decide a company name? There are these questions of will it be relevant to the market? Will it make sense? Will it stand out? And most importantly, does the name represent what the company does?

When it came to naming our company last year, we knew that it should convey the expertise, value and uniqueness of the services we provide. The first thing a customer interacts with is a name, so we believe it is like a first handshake.

Digiant Group is a management and technology consulting firm. Our customers like the fact that we understand technology and their business at the same time. Every strategy we craft needs a digital involvement. Every solution we implement has a digital aspect. Therefore, we put the prefix digi in front of our brand.

Consulting is an exciting but also a risky profession. It needs an artistic talent to communicate while transforming ideas into action. Ants are known with their unique way of talking to each other to a promising food source and their abilities to solve complex problems while carrying many times their own body weight. Therefore, we placed the word ant to the end of our brand.

Is it possible for a name to say this much? We hope so!